As the cold weather arrives in New England, we asked our customers and social media followers: What do you do to get your heating system energy efficient and ready for winter?



Here's what they had to say:


By insulating your boiler pipes as well as the walls of your boiler room, you will reduce heat Winter2loss and increase cost savings.

"Blow down those LWCO’s!"

We agree and we've talked about the importance of boiler blowdown on The Heat Exchange before. Blowing down your boiler only takes a few moments but it helps your system last longer and operate more efficiently. You can learn more in our blog Boiler Basics

We recently shared a Before & After of a steam boiler's low water cut off. It is imperative that all steam boiler low water cut offs be inspected and cleaned yearly to ensure utmost safety during operation. In addition, please remember to perform routine weekly low water cut off blowdowns to remove any potential built up sediment. Failure to perform weekly blowdown and lack of annual inspection and cleaning will lead to premature boiler failure.



"Clean boiler, clean burner assembly, new nozzles, new oil filter, check pump screens, check combustion and check safety's."

There are many things you can do to get your system ready, regardless of the type of system in your facility. Check out some tips from Wilkinson's expert technician's in Here Comes Heating Season

Their tips include:

  • Replace filters
  • Clean boilers: fire and water sides
  • Pull burner assemblies and clean
  • Replace electrodes
  • Combustion testing throughout firing range
  • Commission burners
  • Test all safety devices

"I would call you."

Thank you! We appreciate our customers and offer a variety of solutions to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. We also offer emergency service 24/7 at 800.777.1629 and our mobile boilers are available if you have an urgent need for heat and hot water.


If you have other tips and suggestions you'd like to share, please comment below!

Written by Elaina Schlumper