At the heart of your facility’s boiler room is… the boiler. You rely on it to provide heat and hot water, but is it operating at peak efficiency? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you know how to keep your boiler running properly and safely?

Do you know how to save money for your facility?

Do you know how to ensure your boiler produces less emissions?

Here’s the answer from Wilkinson’s expert service technicians:

Keep your boiler clean!

It’s the perfect time to schedule an annual cleaning for your facility’s fire tube, water tube, cast iron or condensing boiler.Maintenance

We can help maintain all types of commercial boilers. Oil burner maintenance includes:

  • Replacing the electrodes
  • Replacing the nozzle(s)
  • Cleaning the diffuser
  • Cleaning the scanner face
  • Cleaning out the oil pump filter
  • Replacing the main oil line filter
  • Testing oil pump suction

To learn more about proper maintenance and cleaning for your boiler, read The Heat Exchange blog post:

Is your fire tube or cast iron boiler at its best? Now is the perfect time for an annual overhaul.

One last question: Do you know The Wilkinson Companies is hiring Service Technicians?

We’re looking for qualified service technicians who will assist with troubleshooting commercial/industrial burners, boilers, pumps, control systems and other items related to the boiler room.

For a detailed job description and further information on submitting your resume, click here.

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Written by Elaina Schlumper