It's been a cold winter across New England, with temperatures below zero in many areas. As we approach the "back nine" of the season, your boilers are working hard to keep up with demand. The heating experts at Wilkinson are providing some mid-winter maintenance tips to keep your facility up and running for the rest of the season. 


3-3"Weekly blowdown of the low water cutoffs is essential in a steam boiler system. Make sure the low water cutoffs are clean and and free of sediment and that they operate properly." - John Sieminski, Vice President, Service Operations


Dave R-1"If it is a steel boiler, maintain proper water chemistry and chemical treatment." - Dave Roche, General Manager, Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc.



1-Feb-07-2023-02-48-52-7912-PM"Consider having some basic parts at your facility. This will help insulate you from some delays if you do happen to require a service call. Some of the items may be oil filters, electrodes, flame sensors, scanners, fuses, motors, transformers, circulator couplings, and any site specific items that are critical to your operation." - Dave Casoli, Purchasing Manager


7-3"If you have a steam or hot water boiler, have the burners checked and tuned for maximum efficiency twice during the heating season." - Al Bishop, Vice President, Sales



Preventive maintenance will detect, preclude or mitigate degradation of a component or system. In addition to a mid-winter maintenance check, regular maintenance will extend the life of your boiler system.

Thorough boiler maintenance involves checking:

  • The fuel delivery system for proper operation, leaks and controls
  • The combustion control system
  • Potential exhaust leaks
  • Heating system piping for leaks
  • The circulator pump (should run quietly)
  • Gauges (should be compared to a standard gauge for accuracy)
  • Expansion tanks for the water pressure
  • Combustion analysis via a calibrated analyzer
  • Safety devices, including safety relief valves, temperature and pressure controls, low water and flow-sensing devices

It's also a good time to replace any filters and continue with weekly blowdown for low water cutoffs. As John Sieminski mentioned, weekly blowdowns will remove any potential built up sediment that can lead to premature boiler failure when left untreated.

Wilkinson offers a variety of solutions to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. We also provide emergency service 24/7 at 800.777.1629 and our mobile boilers are available if you have an urgent need for heat and hot water.

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Written by Elaina Schlumper