The Wilkinson Companies is excited to announce several staff changes.


JohnEffective January 1, 2017, John Sieminski, formerly Service Operations Manager, became Vice President of Service Operations. John has been with Wilkinson since 1986 and works tirelessly to ensure customers receive the best possible service and maintenance. The Service department has trained experts that are ready to service and maintain a variety of systems, and also provide 24/7 emergency service. With John as Vice President, the service department will continue to focus on their commitment to excellence in service and maintenance operations.


On January 30, 2017, Installation Supervisor, Dave Roche became the first General Manager of DaveWilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc. Like John, Dave has been a long standing, hardworking associate, joining Wilkinson in 1987. Since Wilkinson’s acquisition of Acme Boiler Rentals in December 2014, Wilkinson Mobile Boilers has continued to grow. Wilkinson has the largest fleet of mobile boilers in New England. Regardless of building size or steam/hot water/pressure, the mobile boilers division strives to ensure minimal downtime for customers. Dave will continue to develop the mobile boiler business and will make sure the equipment is safe and reliable.


MikeEffective January 30, 2017, former Wilkinson employee and installation technician, Mike Snee, returned to the company as Installation Project Manager. His focus will be to confirm that the Installation team is equipped with what they need to perform their installations with minimal interruption. He will also work with the office ensuring jobs are on budget, as well as ensuring purchasing and deliveries are in line with project deadlines.


“Once the acquisition of Acme took place, we knew that eventually growth may allow the opportunity to hire a dedicated General Manager to Wilkinson Mobile Boilers. Dave has done an exceptional job, thus it was only natural that he be our first General Manager. With that, it is incredibly exciting to bring a very smart and talented person like Mike Snee back. He is a proven leader that will ensure customer installations are on time and on budget.

Finally, it’s also exciting that John Sieminski has been promoted to Vice President of Service Operations. John works incredibly hard to ensure that his team alleviate any service/maintenance issues that may arise at any given time.”  -- Geoff Wilkinson, Jr., President


About The Wilkinson Companies

Founded in 1951, The Wilkinson Companies provides the highest standards of installation, service and maintenance for all commercial and industrial boiler room needs. The company offers the latest in heating technology and efficiency. Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc. provides a wide range of state-of-the-art, totally self-contained, high-and low-pressure steam mobile boilers, as well as a fleet of domestic hot water trailers. UltraFiltronics, a Wilkinson company, is the leading provider of ultrapure water systems for the higher education, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


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Written by Elaina Schlumper