Since 2017, The Wilkinson Companies has had a solid partnership with Heat Watch, a company located in New York providing monitoring and management controls for boilers. Heat Watch designed a complete end-to-end boiler management system that reduces fuel usage on average by 15-25%.

Installed locally by Wilkinson technicians, these advanced controls feature heat computers and sensors and are paired with machine learning software that communicates and automatically manages the controls. The Heat Watch team of trained boiler experts watch and respond to problems, and their service team addresses physical issues as soon as they spot them. The result is a better quality of heat, happier customers and a significant reduction in fuel costs.  

“We’re happy to have a successful partnership with Heat Watch. Their product works well and our customers are extremely pleased with its capabilities. We look forward to developing a long-term affiliation with Heat Watch as our technicians continue to install their controls in boiler rooms across the state.” - John Sieminski, Vice President, Service Operations, The Wilkinson Companies

“It's been a pleasure working with Wilkinson across Massachusetts to help Massachusetts properties save money and cut greenhouse emissions. We spent years building an online boiler control, wireless sensor network and software that significantly improves the way boilers run and reduces fuel usage for multi-family and commercial buildings. But the best technology is only as good as the quality of its install. And that's why without question we depend on Wilkinson to make sure every job is done with the absolute high quality of care, precision, expert knowledge, and most importantly, results."  - Mike Cook, Director of Sales, Heat Watch


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Written by Elaina Schlumper