Get to know Danny Riley.

Employee Spotlight (1)

What is your position? Assistant Service Manager / Service Technician

How long have you been with the company? 
I have been with The Wilkinson Companies for almost 5 years, since January of 2017.

What do you like about working at Wilkinson? 
I enjoy the challenges that you come across. In this field, you learn something new every day. Each day is different and often full of surprises, which brings a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. More importantly, it’s the people that I am around that make work more enjoyable. Everyone is always available and willing to help any way that they can, both in the field and the office, and always around the clock. I love the relationships that I have made with everyone in the company and the ones I continue to make with our customers. Customer satisfaction is what keeps a company in business and growing. This involves the help from every employee, and I believe that is why The Wilkinson Companies has been in business for over 70 years.

What’s been your most memorable experience at Wilkinson? 
My most memorable experience at Wilkinson was getting promoted into working part time in the office for the Service department. More importantly, I appreciate the immense amount of support and respect that I have received from everyone in the company, in the field and the office.

And of course, all of the memorable Summer and Christmas Parties, and getting to know everyone’s families in the company.

What do you do in your free time? 
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing soccer, golf, hockey, softball and skiing, volunteering with teens at my local church and coaching high school soccer in the fall.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in this field? 
For anyone starting out in this field, I would advise them to always have a positive attitude and never be afraid to ask for help. Do not stress about a service call before you get there, as it is rare that the resolution is what you think it is. It is often much easier than what you were stressed out about the whole ride in. Lastly, always be open to listen to what people around you have to say. You’re not always the smartest one in the room.

Written by Danny Riley