If you’re looking for serious ways to save without undergoing a complete overhaul in your boiler room, a retrofit might be the perfect solution. Did you know you can retrofit your current Cleaver Brooks boiler with a Limpsfield burner?

Here’s how it works:

A Cleaver Brooks retrofit uses a specifically designed air transitional duct to transfer combustion air from the existing blower wheel assembly located inside the boiler door. Turndown ratios of around 8:1 on natural gas with O2 levels less than 3% O2 throughout the firing range. Customers see a very quick and realistic ROI. Many customers see savings of 10%-35% when retrofitting their existing boiler with a Limpsfield burner.

“In using our burner on a Cleaver Brooks boiler we still retain the excellent efficiency of the Cleaver Brook boiler, making a very efficient boiler/burner package that offers the end user real savings.” - Keith Knowles, Managing Director, Limpsfield Combustion Ltd.

Wilkinson and Limpsfield collaborated on a Cleaver Brooks retrofit at Millipore Corporation in MilliporeBedford, MA. The project focused on installing Limpsfield burners on two well-maintained Cleaver Brooks boilers. Even with boilers that were in good operating condition, Millipore was still able to see substantial savings after the retrofit. You can read the results in Limpsfield’s overview of the project.

“We expect a minimum savings of 10% on any retrofit project.  To get up to 30% savings such as Millipore, we ensure we identify and use the correct (minimum) amount of boilers to meet the customers boiler house demand at all times.”  - Keith Knowles

What makes these fuel savings possible is Limpsfield’s technology. “The way our technology works is the way we mix the fuels gas and the air.  We introduce the gas and air in a very turbulent way ensuring (almost) perfect fuel to air mixing and this in turn allows our burner to operate at lower turndown ratios whilst maintaining 3% O2 at all times. This in itself means that we use less fuel to maximise the heat or steam output of any boiler make. We also work with many boiler manufacturers to offer a combined high efficiency burner/boiler package and we continue to do our own R&D to further improve our burner ranges at all times.” - Keith Knowles



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Written by Elaina Schlumper